Thursday, May 5, 2016

Teacher Appreciation Week

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and today I will write about all my teachers.

My most effective teachers have been the caring and fun teachers.
They are the ones that are hard on me when it's time to be serious, at the end of the year.
They need to  sometimes be fun on class work because sometimes it’s too boring and I don’t learn. I like teachers that have allowed me to eat, listen to music, and talk with my friends about work.

I would like my teachers to know that I appreciate all the work they do for me to learn even though I don’t act like I do.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Scream

After years of living in poverty, Lupita and Salvador are on the way to Indio,California from Ensenada, Mexico. On the way, they found a skeleton. Lupita screamed and started to jump, she told Salvador "Oh my!" There is a skeleton someone has thrown here .  Maybe it was a Mexican that didn’t make it across the border. “Do you think that it is quicksand? “Salvador let's find another way around.” “No Wait!” said Salvador. I think we should call the police. “ No we can’t!” the police will deport us. Let’s make an anonymous call and just go around the woods to hide.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

I Wish My Teachers Knew

Here are some things that I want my teachers to know so I do better in school:

  • I wish my math teacher knew that I’m not that good in math. I’m slow in taking notes.
  • I wish my ELA teacher knew that I don’t understand some work that we do because I am a slow reader.
  • I wish my science teacher knew that sometimes I don’t understand topics.
  • I wish my social studies teacher knew that I don’t know how to locate places on maps.
  • I wish my teacher knew that I can only focus while chewing gum. I know we’re not allowed but I find it helpful.

I wish my teachers knew that I really want to do well in school.  

Monday, June 1, 2015

Reflecting on 7th grade

The best thing that happened this year was meeting new people  because you make more family! If I could change anything that happened this year it would probably be the way of teaching because all we do is sit there and stare at the screen. We should move around talk to other students about things not just sit there. Next year I look forward to getting good grades because I will work harder than I did this year!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Bruno Mars
This week I read about Bruno Mars (Peter Gene Hernandez).
I learned that he was Asian pacific American.
I was surprised to know that his name is not really Bruno mars but Peter Hernandez. And He was Asian/ American.
I also created this voki.
I created this voki for you to  learn a little more about him. Click up there to play the video enjoy!
You can also make your own click the link above.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother (Mami)

Dear Mami
I would like to tell you
Te amo mucho 
You tell me
siempre me dice que tengo que ser fuerte
You tell me
siempre me dices que soy especial para te por todo lo que pasé contigo
You tell me
siempre me dices que no te des por vencida
I would like to tell you
que tu también eres especial para mí
So during our next encounter
Me gustaría compartir todo mi amor contigo 
puedo oír tu voz
no pierdo
estas conmigo

Te amo!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

What If?

What if trees gave off wifi signals ?
I might plant so many trees for that
What if I do a good impact on the plant?
I could save the world
What if we all do this together ?
I would be so happy
too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe. But wouldn't that be cool??